Peres: Israel must close its eyes to make peace.

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 Israeli President Shimon Peres on Monday acknowledged the nonsensical nature of the land-for-peace process Israel is currently engaged in with the Arabs. In an address in Jerusalem to the General Assembly of the United Jewish Communities, the largest Diaspora Jewish organization, Peres explained that “making peace is a little bit like marriage – you have [...]

Obama to adopt Saudi plan, ram home Israel-Arab peace deal.

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 US President-elect Barack Obama intends to start his presidency with a bang by rapidly concluding an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement based on the 2002 Saudi peace proposalThat according to sources close to Obama who spoke to London’s Sunday Times. Advisors to the president-elect said they had convinced him to give the Israeli-Palestinian peace process top billing [...]

Danza Mesianica Shalom

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Celebracion pastoral, iglesias Gloria Postrera Charlotte, NC, USA

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