Obama rehires advisor who wants to invade Israel.

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 US President-elect Barack Obama’s transition website reveals that he has rehired a former advisor who once advocated an American invasion of Israel in order to impose a peace deal on the Jewish state and the Palestinians. Samantha Power will serve on the State Department National Security Team when Obama takes office in January, again raising [...]

Mumbai attack reportedly targeted Israelis and Jews.

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 The sole terrorist out of the dozens involved in the Mumbai attacks to be captured alive told Indian officials at the weekend that the massive assault specifically targeted Israelis and Jews. The Times of India reported that according to the terrorist, the three-day siege of Mumbai was a response to Israel’s “atrocities” against the Palestinian [...]

Las nuevas versiones de las Sagradas Escrituras para el siglo XXI.

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  Londres, Inglaterra – Versiones de la  Biblia ha habido muchas a lo largo de la Historia: la Biblia del Rey Jaime, la políglota… y, últimamente, algunas otras menos canónicas en formato de cómic manga o piezas de Lego. Bible Illuminated (Biblia Iluminada) es el más reciente intento de actualizar la Biblia al mundo moderno, [...]

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