Conferencia de Jovenes – T.A. Pornografia vs. Vida Espiritual – Canción: La Unica Razon

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El Phishing afecta mayoritariamente a las Mujeres.

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  New York, USA (¡Amén-Amén! Noticias) - Las mujeres parecen ser más proclives a morder el anzuelo de los ciberdelincuentes cuando mandan correos electrónicos para usurpar la identidad del internauta. Según un estudio de Javelin Research, un análisis a 800 casas estadounidenses pone de manifiesto que ellas son víctimas de phishing en un 26% más de los [...]

Poll: Many Americans blame Jews for recession.

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 A survey carried out by the Boston Review for its May/June issue reveals that a very sizable portion of Americans blame “the Jews” as a people group for the current economic crisis.A total of 38.4 percent of non-Jewish respondents said that Jews are at least partially to blame for the recession and financial collapse on [...]

Hamas: Read our lips – we don’t accept Israel!

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 For those who misinterpreted his interview with The New York Times last week, Hamas leader Khaled Mashal on Saturday clarified that he never said he supports the two-state solution for ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.Mashal told Germany’s DPA news service the he and Hamas categorically reject any solution to the conflict that does not end with [...]

Netanyahu vows to never surrender Golan.

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 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters late last week that his government will never approve a withdrawal from the Golan Heights as part of a peace deal with Syria.Netanyahu’s remarks were a major reversal of purported progress former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert made in third party negotiations with Damascus. Olmert, too, had been reluctant [...]

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