Israeli Arab MK tries to redivide Jerusalem.

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 Israeli Arab Member of Knesset Ahmed Tibi on Monday submitted a bill proposing the cancellation of the Basic Law: Jerusalem, which legally formalized the reunification of the city under Israeli sovereignty following the 1967 Six Day War. Tibi insisted that the eastern half of Jerusalem must revert to Arab Muslim control under the Palestinian Authority, [...]

Messianic Jews attacked in Israel.

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A group of Messianic Jews who were passing out pamphlets in the central Israel town of Rehovot last week were violently attacked by ultra-Orthodox local residents, reported Ynet. A number of secular passersby also reportedly joined in the fray and destroyed much of the Messianic literature. Several of those who either witnessed or participated in [...]

Más de 7 mil cristianos cargando pancartas decían “Un hombre más una mujer = Voluntad Divina”.

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  New York, USA (¡Amén-Amén! Noticias) - Miles de Cristianos Hispanos salieron a las calles ayer para protestar en contra de la legislación que daría luz verde al matrimonio gay y que fue aprobada en la Asamblea estatal a principios de este mes. “Los derechos civiles no van por encima de las leyes de Dios”, aseguró el [...]

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