9th Hour Interview by Messianic Youth. ****TODAY****

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    RADIO SHOFAR Messianic Youth with Hector Jay and Moises Jr present:  9th Hour in a live interview on Thursday, May 21, 2009   at 8:30pm   This is what it is all about. This is when it all happened – in the 9th Hour. Jes-s accepted the punishment for all of our sins. Born [...]

Hallan asa con inscripción de 3 mil años en Jerusalén.

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  Jerusalén, Israel (¡Amén-Amén! Noticias) - Un grupo de arqueólogos que excavaba en el Monte de los Olivos, en Jerusalén, descubrió el asa de una vasija de casi 3 mil años de antigüedad con una inscripción en hebreo, un hallazgo significativamente más antiguo que la mayoría de los artefactos con inscripciones desenterrados en la ciudad, dijo uno [...]

Palestinians: Obama to give us Jerusalem!

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 Palestinian officials cited by Ynet on Wednesday said that US President Barack Obama intends to formally bequeath them the eastern half of Jerusalem when he unveils his new Middle East peace initiative in Cairo next month.The Palestinian Authority officials said that Obama will go further than presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton in that [...]

Israel knows better than to strike Iran, says CIA head.

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 CIA Director Leon Panetta on Wednesday said that Israel knows better than to launch a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities without a green light from Washington.Speaking to Global Viewpoint, Panetta acknowledged his recent trip to Jerusalem to talk down Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and said he is certain the Israeli leader understands that a solo [...]

US to abandon Israel, warns Israeli MK.

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 Outspoken right-wing Israeli Knesset Member Aryeh Eldad said that what he took away from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s meeting with US President Barack Obama on Monday was that America is on its way to abandoning the Jewish state.Speaking to Israel National News, Eldad stressed that Obama had insisted on a deadline-free negotiating process with Iran, [...]

Congregacion de YHWH de Hartford, CT – Por su Sangre – Drama

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Congregacion de Yahweh, Hartford,CT Visitanos a: http://radioshofar.org  

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