John Hagee: ‘50 millones de Cristianos apoyan a Israel’.

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Washington D.C., USA – ¡Amén-Amén! Noticias – Más de cuatro mil cristianos se reunieron en Washington, la semana pasada, en la cuarta conferencia anual de Cristianos Unidos por Israel, demostrando su pasión por el Estado judío. Durante dos días, los participantes aprendieron sobre el país, su historia, el conflicto palestino-israelí, la forma de defender a [...]

Gaza inches closer to Sharia Law.

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The Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip is inching ever closer to being ruled by Sharia Law, much like Afghanistan was ruled by the Taliban prior to the US-led invasion of that country. London-based Arabic daily Al-Quds Al-Arabi reported on Sunday that representatives of several Hamas government ministries, as well as senior Gaza police officials, had recently gotten [...]

UN troops can stop Israeli cows, but not Lebanese infiltrators.

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They may do little to stop either Lebanese civilians or terrorists from infiltrating northern Israel, but the UN troops that make up the UNIFIL peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon are going out of their way to make sure Israeli cows stop entering Lebanon. A Lebanese website reported at the weekend that UNIFIL has offered to [...]

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