Hizballah has become major military force.

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 US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates on Tuesday acknowledged that Lebanese terrorist militia Hizballah has been the recipient of a massive amount of short, medium and long-range rockets and missiles in recent months. Speaking at a joint press conference with visiting Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Gates blamed Syria and Iran for providing Hizballah with [...]

France joins US in blaming Israel for lack of peace.

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 French President Nicolas Sarkozy reportedly told Israeli President Shimon Peres when the two met in Paris two weeks ago that the current failure of the Middle East peace process is almost entirely the fault of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Senior Israeli officials were briefed on the meeting recently, and told Ha’aretz under condition of anonymity [...]

Reports: Obama preparing to force Israel’s hand.

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 Israeli officials told Ha’aretz on Thursday that US President Barack Obama recently assured European leaders that if the Israeli-Palestinian peace process is not moving forward by September or October, he will convene an international peace summit. The purpose of convening an international peace summit could only be to impose a peace settlement on the two [...]

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