La Biblia aparece en los Teléfonos Móviles Rusos.

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Miles de cristianos ortodoxos en Rusia se han abonado a un nuevo servicio que les permite recibir extractos de la Biblia en su teléfono móvil, indicó el domingo a la AFP un obispo ruso. “Es una oportunidad para recordar a la gente los valores eternos”, declaró el obispo Ioasaf Sorokin, de la organización moscovita de [...]

Presentan el primer celular con Biblia incluida.

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El primer celular con Biblia, fue presentado a la prensa chilena, por Cristián Nieto, director de Asuntos Públicos de la empresa 3Genesis. Se trata de los equipos de la empresa de telefonía celular evangélica 3Genesis. La entidad, junto a los obispos y pastores de diferentes denominaciones ha conformado la primera tecnocomunidad evangélica que aspira a [...]

Televangelist Joel Osteen visits Israel, expresses love and support.

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Joel Osteen and his wife Victoria, pastors of the 43,000-member Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, are in Israel this week to express their love and support for the Jewish people and their state. Osteen, who is watched by an estimated seven million television viewers every week, had for years been reluctant to publicly support Israel. [...]

‘God wants Obama to solve Israeli-Arab conflict’

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Former US National Security Advisor James Jones on Monday said that he believes it is God’s will that President Barack Obama push hard for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which Jones called the epicenter of all the world’s problems. Speaking at the Herzliya Conference in Israel, Jones said, “I’m of the belief that [...]

Egypt’s Western-assisted slide toward Islamic Revolution

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It seems 40+ years and a lifetime of diplomatic headaches have not been enough to teach the West its lesson when dealing with uprisings and democracy in the Middle East. In 1979, Iranians rose up against the repressive but stable rule of the shah, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi. America and Europe felt it was in the [...]

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