Jews, Muslims and Christians on significance of Mideast turmoil

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This is not only the opinion of Israel’s Orthodox rabbis, but also of Messianic Jews here in the Land and Christians abroad. Even Muslims are interpreting current events in the Middle East as “a sign from heaven.” For Jews, Muslims and Christians alike, the uproar in the Arab world is not just a political issue; [...]

Palestinians throw another wrench in peace process

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A year ago, the Palestinian Authority defeated American efforts to kick-start the peace process by refusing to sit at the negotiating table with Israel. Since the start of this year, the Palestinians have been laying the groundwork for a unilateral declaration of independence backed by the UN General Assembly. Now, the regime of so-called Palestinian [...]

David Wilkerson, lover of Israel, dies in car accident

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Israel lost a dear Christian friend and supporter on Wednesday when David Wilkerson, pastor of Times Square Church in New York City, was killed in a tragic car accident near Dallas, Texas. Wilkerson is perhaps best known abroad for his 1963 book “The Cross and the Switchblade,” which chronicled his earlier years ministering to drug [...]

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