Palestinians love US money, but hate America.

 The results of a poll conducted by World Public Opinion and published this week show that among Arab and Muslim countries, the Palestinians hate the United States more than any other.That hatred is born of farfetched assumptions of the US and its foreign policies that are fed by local Middle East media.

For examples, nearly 90 percent of Palestinian Arabs believe spreading Christianity in the Middle East is an official US foreign policy goal, and that Washington’s ultimate aim is to seize control of all Middle East oil resources.

Forty-nine percent said they believe the US purposely tries to humiliate the Muslim world.

And despite being the recipients of massive amounts of US foreign aid, the Palestinians more than any other group said they support terrorist groups that target Americans.

Sixty-seven percent of Palestinian respondents said they support either all or some of the anti-America Islamic terrorist organizations active today.

The number of Palestinians thirsty for American blood jumped to 90 percent when asked if they approved of attacks on US troops in Iraq.


“Article courtesy of Israel Today magazine,”.


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