Israel wants to adopt orphaned Haitians.

 The Israeli field hospital in Port-au-Prince has been the primary care center for children severely wounded in the massive earthquake that devastated Haiti last week. Many of those children lost the rest of their families and are now orphans.

Israel is looking to extend its goodwill and assistance by also providing those children with new homes.

Israeli Minister of Welfare and Social Services Isaac Herzog said at the weekend that the government is working to forge and agreement with the Haitian authorities that would allow Israel to adopt hundreds of children orphaned by the earthquake.

Herzog noted that Haiti was one of the nations that voted in favor of recognizing the Jewish state in 1947, and that Israel was now repaying the favor.

Relevant Israeli authorities are working hard to cut through the bureaucratic red tape that makes international adoptions so difficult, but Herzog said it could take time considering the lack of unified and strong leadership in Haiti at the moment.

“Article courtesy of Israel Today magazine,”.

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