Israel simulates massive Arab missile attack.

 Israel’s defense establishment on Sunday launched “Turning Point 4,” a five-day nationwide drill simulating a massive Arab and Iranian missile assault against the Jewish state.

According to the parameters of the drill, Israel has been at war with Hizballah for about two weeks when Syria decides to back is terrorist allies by launching about 200 ballistic missiles, some of them carrying chemical warheads, at the Greater Tel Aviv area.

While much of the drill is being conducted by the army and the Home Front Command, air raid sirens will sound across Israel on Wednesday, and all citizens are being asked to participate by locating the nearest bomb shelter.

The drill will also include a scenario in which at least 200,000 residents of central Israel flee south into the Negev desert and need to be absorbed as refugees by the cities of Beersheva and Eilat.

Israeli officials stressed that while the focus of the drill is defensive, it does include rapid preparations for counter-strikes against those who would take part in the initial missile assault.


“Article courtesy of Israel Today magazine,”.

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