Sell to a Jew, lose your life

At the height of Nazi rule in Europe, selling property to Jews was a crime punishable by imprisonment or hard labor. The Palestinian Authority has taken that racist policy to new heights by imposing an automatic death sentence on any local Arab who sells property to a Jew.

A Palestinian court on Monday ruled in favor of an appeal by public prosecutor Ahmed al-Mughani requesting that anyone found guilty of selling land to a Jew automatically receive the death penalty.

Al-Mughani told the Associated Press that the previous interpretation of the law had been too lax. The previous law had given Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas the power to choose whether Arabs who sold land to Jews would be executed or sentenced to life in prison. Abbas has not approved an execution since taking power in 2004, though a number of “traitors” have been killed in acts of “street justice” that went unpunished by the PA.

Apparently, far too many were willing to risk life in prison or take their chances with the vigilantes for al-Mughani’s taste.

That the Palestinians punish anyone who sells land to a Jew is completely ignored by the international media and the Western power brokers pretending to promote “peaceful coexistence.” But when a local municipality or private citizens make it difficult for an Arab to buy a particular piece of property in Israel, an international outcry is raised.

“Article courtesy of Israel Today magazine,”.

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