Israeli journalists speak of realities of Egypt protests.

Back from a harrowing week in Cairo, two journalists with The Jerusalem Post on Sunday spoke of the realities of the demonstrations in Cairo, which differed greatly from the romanticized version of events peddled by the mainstream international media.

Answering questions submitted by readers, correspondents Melanie Lidman and Ben Hartman described what was at times a “medieval” scene on the streets of the Egyptian capital.

Lidman said that when the mobs started turning on reporters she was “terrified…not only was I a target for being a journalist, I was also a target for being a woman and for being Jewish.”

She said that some of the things she witnessed in Cairo’s Tahrir Square – the beatings, lynchings and hand-to-hand combat – were from a different time.

Nor could either journalist say that there was any clear meaning to the madness. Most people were simply caught up in a kind of euphoric violence. Very few Egyptians had any clear idea of what they wanted to see happen after Mubarak was thrown out.

“Article courtesy of Israel Today magazine,

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